Zoho CRM – Error Email Notification now Available

Using our Zoho CRM Integration? Starting today, you will receive an email notification for each order that was not synced due to issues in Zoho or missing order data. Furthermore, we have improved the sync of Sales Orders from WooCommerce to Zoho to ensure orders get synced to Zoho CRM for various scenarios.

Dark Mode is now Available

Work easier and longer behind the screen with our Dark Mode feature. Simply select it via the profile menu and enjoy an even calmer store management experience.

New Product Edit UX

We are happy to introduce the all new Product Edit page. Completely redesigned and rewritten based on more than 100 users feedback. The new product page allows you to manage products much more efficiently in an intuitive way. The product page is redesigned based on 3 principles: Aside from this we have released a number …

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WooCommerce Extension Released

Our WooCommerce Assistance Plugin is now available via the My-Account page on Simply go to API-Downloads to get the plugin, then use the API key which can be copied from the API-Keys tab. This plugin allows you to upload product images to your store via our platform and much more.

New: support for WC Subscriptions

We are proud to release the support for WooCommerce Subscriptions Products. Starting today, you can also manage simple and variable subscription products directly on Wooventory! You might ask, what about managing the actual subscriptions? That is also on our roadmap but we cannot give an ETA at this moment. Want to stay updated on new …

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Exact Online: map payment conditions

Starting today, you can map your WooCommerce Order Statuses to the Exact Online Payment Conditions via Integrations > Exact Online > Settings. This ensures the invoices get paid the way that your company prefers it.

Custom Fields Visibility of Orders

Using custom fields on Sales Orders? Those are now visible on the Order View page if you are using plugins like ACF or Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce. In addition, you can now edit the customer directly from the Order View page!

Improved Sales Order

Starting today you can view the product addons on the Order Detail page, also known as line items metadata. We have also added the payment method column to the orders listing page, making it easier to filter orders based on the used payment method.

New: Logs Integrations

One of the most requested feature is finally here; the Logging page of integrations to show the sync errors. Go to Settings > Logs to see what hasn’t synced and why. This allows you to add the missing data in the Order so it gets synced to that particular integration (zoho crm, exact online, etc.).

Exact Online – New Features

A few weeks ago we launched the Exact Online for WooCommerce integration. We are excited to launch today some major improvements to this integration: We will elaborate more on these features in the documentation. Thank you all for the continuous support.