New Feature

Dark Mode is now Available

Work easier and longer behind the screen with our Dark Mode feature. Simply select it via the profile menu and enjoy an even calmer store management experience.

WooCommerce Extension Released

Our WooCommerce Assistance Plugin is now available via the My-Account page on Simply go to API-Downloads to get the plugin, then use the API key which can be copied from the API-Keys tab. This plugin allows you to upload product images to your store via our platform and much more.

New: support for WC Subscriptions

We are proud to release the support for WooCommerce Subscriptions Products. Starting today, you can also manage simple and variable subscription products directly on Wooventory! You might ask, what about managing the actual subscriptions? That is also on our roadmap but we cannot give an ETA at this moment. Want to stay updated on new …

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New: Logs Integrations

One of the most requested feature is finally here; the Logging page of integrations to show the sync errors. Go to Settings > Logs to see what hasn’t synced and why. This allows you to add the missing data in the Order so it gets synced to that particular integration (zoho crm, exact online, etc.).

New: Webhook Settings

Now you can manage your Webhooks directly from Wooventory. This is useful if you are using one of our integrations.

Product Bundles Support

Create Product Bundles straight from Wooventory without a hassle. Sell assembled products or products that contain parts with support for discount per bundled item, min and max quantity and more. *Note: the Product Bundles plugin is required on your store.

Media Gallery for Products

Manage product images the same way you manage it on your store. Access all images or upload a new image with a single click.